Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Guru VU2SWS :

Along with VU2NXM, VU2SWS YL Sarla Sharma was our teacher, she use to teach section II. To VU2SWS HAM radio is a religion for her rightly said in all aspects on her QRZ profile. She is VU's best YL operator QRV on Digital and most of the HF bands on SSB and now on CW too.

She has a very sound knowledge and a very good teacher. Got her license in 1996 and was a student of JNA wireless. Visiting her shack was a dream come true for me, very good set up regarding rig and antenna. Along with VU2NXM, VU2SWS was also with us at Elephanta Islands for IOTA and I got the opportunity to learn "How to make a DX contact and how to handle pile-ups". She loves contest and has got many awards like the DXCC, Sly Fox etc. She was also team member of VU7LD. Above all she is vice president of Amateur Radio Association Of India ARSI and also editor of HAM RADIO NEWS. Recently she has been appointed as Liaison officer for the IARU in India. Took a lead role in International Mumbai YL Meet 2006. She is a versatile personality and loves adventure sports, music and travelling. She believes in the existence of a superior force, whatever name you give it, try to be a good ham and a good person!!


  1. during our class; VU2SWS keeps sharing live conversations to improve the techniques of the HAM communication...

    Hats off for our nice Teacher, a true inspiration...

  2. nice info about YL SWS. Hope to have an eyeball qso with her soon.


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