Saturday, July 12, 2008

IARU HF Championships 2008 and VUs :

Tomorrow and the day after, we have the IARU HF Championships 2008. (12th and 13th July ) This is an important International contest in which the operators give the ITU Zone number (India is in 41) in exchange. The National Societies give their Abbreviations like RSGB, ARRL, SRR, PZK, JARL, ARSI etc.

From India, AT6T (VU2PTT OM Prasad) is the operator of the National Society- ARSI. With his Force 12 antenna, full legal power, and sufficient experience, gives ARSI a chance to come among the top few, single-Op stations.

Others are also taking part in their personal capacity, like AT7A (OM Ananda Bose VU2AMB) from Calcutta,who got his special call after a lot of correspondence with WPC. VU2UR will also be there, only in CW. There are many others like VU2JOS, VU3DJQ etc., who will also be single op individual stations.

Watch out for a good VU-show. Please send info about the VU stns whom you heard at your QTH. I am likely to miss hearing many VU ops due to very pronounced skip conditions.

Good luck to all those who are taking part.. Others should also try their hand. Good show and let your skill come to your scoring.

vy 73, Namaste
de Arasu VU2UR
Contest Manager--ARSI.


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