Thursday, July 17, 2008

NIAR Silver Jubilee Contest :

1. Object: To contact as many amateurs around the world as part of NIAR Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

2. Eligibility: All licensed amateurs & SWLs around the world.

3. Contest Start: Saturday 1200 UTC (5.30 pm IST), August 16, 2008.

4. Contest End: Sunday 1200 UTC (5.30 pm IST), August 17, 2008.

5. Entry Categories:

  • Operator (VU Stations): Using Home Brew rig
  • Operator (VU Stations): Using Commercial equipment
  • Foreign Class: High Power (Above 100 watts)
  • Foreign Class: Low Power (Below 100 watts)
  • SWL
6. Bands: 7 & 14 MHz. The same station may be contacted on both bands.

7. Modes: CW & Phone. The same station may be contacted on both modes.

8. Contest exchange: Signal Report and Serial Number of Contest Contact.

9. QSO Points:

For VU Hams:
QSOs with:
VU stations: 2 points
Asian stations: 3 points
Other DX stations: 5 points
VU Special station: 10 points

For DX Hams:
Asia – VU: 3 points
DX – VU: 5 points
Foreigners – VU special station: 10 points
Foreigners – Foreigners: 1 point.

Note: VU Special station is NIAR HQ Club station with the callsign VU2NRO or special callsign to be issued for NIAR Silver Jubilee.

For SWL category: 3 points for each contest QSO monitored.

SWLs must log the complete QSO consisting of the call including the Serial Number and the second call. Incomplete QSOs do not count. Every station counts once per band and mode for the SWLs.

10. Final result: Summery of QSO-points

11. Reporting:
Entries may be sent by post to:
Silver Jubilee Contest
National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda
Hyderabad 500082, India

Computerized logs must be sent in adif; cabrillo format by email to:

The last date for receipt of entries is: September 17, 2008.

11. Awards:
  • A certificate will be awarded to 3 high scoring entries in each category.
  • Top scorer in Single Operator (VU Stations) using Home Brew rig. will receive a trophy sponsored by Mr. Franz Berndt, DL9GFB, Germany.
  • General membership to NIAR will be given to 5 high scoring entries in each category.
  • Participation certificates will be awarded to all those who send entries.
  • The Awards will be given at the NIAR Silver Jubilee Celebrations to be held at Hyderabad on October 18-20, 2008.
  • Staff members of NIAR are not eligible for Awards.
The entries shall be judged by a contest committee.
The decision of the Contest Committee shall be final.

Source: VU2NRO

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