Friday, July 18, 2008

Ragchewing :

Ragchewing is simply enjoying long conversations with friends made over the air waves. Ragchewing is an art, and like all art, it is improved by experience and practice. The key of building successful relationships is to know the HAM's you deal with as individuals. Respecting other people means recognizing their value as human beings, regardless of their background, race or creed.

For showing that you care for the feelings of others :

  • Act in an honest and truthful way.
  • Never be selfish, boorish or undisciplined.
  • Communicate your own values, attitudes and opinions.
  • Always present yourself to best advantage.
  • See yourself from the other persons standpoint.
  • Do not correct other peoples diction and grammar in group QSO.
  • Keep calls as short as possible; the loner th call, the greater the irritation in those who have no choice but to listen.
  • Think before you speak.

Mistakes will happen, so it's best to own up to them, learn from them then move on.Your credibility is based on your ability to be honest in all situations.

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