Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Special Event Callsign 9V1F1 :

Approval has been given by the iDA for SARTS members to use the callsign 9V1F1 to commemorate the Formula 1 Races which will be held in downtown Singapore, at night, from September 26th to 28th.

SARTS members may use the callsign from Aug 26th until Sep 30th 2008 (UTC).

Outward QSLing will be 100%. Members using this callsign will be responsible for printing the QSL labels and sticking them onto the QSL cards, which will be provided by SARTS.

Members using this special event callsign are required to maintain a computer log and submit a copy in ADIF format to a to-be-appointed co-ordinator.

In order to prevent confusion amongst DX stations arising from multiple 9V1F1 stations operating on the same band, in the same mode, at the same time, members are required to book their operating slots with Darryl 9V1DE. A timetable will be drawn out and will be published on the web. Booking of slots will commence after National Day.

This slot booking system will also facilitate distribution of incoming QSL cards.


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