Tuesday, August 26, 2008

D9D - Dok Island (AS-045) 13-18 Sept. 2008 :

A group of eight Korean operators (namely Kim/HL2CFY, Lim/DS2HRE, Kweon/DS2GXU, Kim/6K2GEN, Seok/6K2GDT, Cho/6K2FNN, Song/6K2BWA and Young/6K2ABX) will be active as either D9D and homecall/5 from Tok (Dok) Island (AS-045) on 13-18 September. They will operate CW, SSB, FSK and PSK31 on 80-10 metres with four transceivers, two amplifers and various vertical and wire antenna systems.

QSL D9D via 6K2BWA, others via home call.


  1. Since Takeshima(Korean name Dok Island) has been illegally occupied by Korean after World War II, the operators of D9D should use Japanese call signs instead of Korean call signs. Using Korean call sing D9D is against Japanese law.

    Takeshima has been Japanese territory since many year ago. However Korean army invaded this island after World War II and has been illegally occupying our island.

    Koreans, get out of our island right away.

  2. I agree with you 120% Joe.
    I like Korean people and I do have many friends, but it is shame to see such a small number of Korean Ham radio station is doing such a sneaky thing.
    One petty thing about Korean is that they never learn history and makes their " own history" as they please.
    What a shame !


  3. Are you guys out of your mind? how can an island so much closer to Korea be Japanese! I know history but I also know geography! look at a map some day and use some logic.

  4. Jason, Are you saying for example, Alaska belongs to Canada or Russia because Alaska is located closer to Canada and Russia than US.

    Study little bit and find evidences to prove your point.



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