Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CW sample QSO :

A sample CW QSO between vu2sgw,OM SAI and vu2nxm, OM BASAPPA

CQ CQ CQ DE vu2sgw K
(Calling anyone, this is vu2sgw, listening)

vu2sgw DE vu2nxm K
(Calling vu2sgw, this is vu2nxm, listening)

vu2nxm DE vu2sgw = GA DR OM UR RST 599 HR = QTH THANE = OP IS SAI HW? = + vu2nxm DE vu2sgw K
(Good afternoon dear old man. You are RST 599 here. I'm located in THANE. The operator's name is SAI. How do you copy?)

vu2sgw DE vu2nxm = TNX FB RPRT DROM SAI UR 558 = QTH LODIVALI = NAME IS BASAPPA = + vu2sgw DE vu2nxm K
(Thanks for the nice report dear old man SAI. I read you 558. I am in the LODVALI. My name is BASAPPA.)

vu2nxm DE vu2sgw = OK TNX QSO DR BASAPPA = BEST 73 ES HPE CUAGN = + vu2nxm DE vu2sgw K
(Okay, thanks dear BASAPPA for this QSO. Best of luck to you and hope to see you again.)

vu2sgw DE vu2nxm = R TU CUAGN 73 = + vu2sgw DE vu2nxm + SK
(Understood. Thank you. Best of luck. Signing off)

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  1. Hi VU2SGW, I'm going to take my test next week and was searching for sample QSOs all over internet. Your post here is the best as I can understand, since following you on twitter, and I'm sure we'll meet on air soon :)

    Please post few more sample QSOs on how to report on RIGs (shaks antenna hobbies etc.) so we can try and use them during our beginners' day on air to make meaningful contacts all over the world. Thank you again.

    73 de Sudip


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