Saturday, August 2, 2008


VU2AY, Cyril Alphonso a retired sailor, marine electrical engineer and presently working in a near by school just two minutes walk from his home QTH as an computer & networking engineer still going strong at the age of 72 plus.

Today it was really another memorable day in my life, long awaited eyeball with Cyril. He stays in Mumbai city place called Mazagoan. In Mazagoan itself there is a very famous lane called Mathar Pacady, when you enter this lane I am sure you all will get feel of Goan heritage houses simply awesome.

Cyril got his HAM tickets way back on 1st. January, 1966. He is basically a QRP operator and worked DX in CW with his homebrewed rig NR60 with not more than 5 watts and that to more than 20000 QSO's. "Home brewing is in my blood" Cyril says to me, with a peculiar smile on his face, his smile is worth more than million dollar. He showed to me that each and every part of his QTH is filled books, rigs, receivers, circuits, valves and what not Cyril proudly says "you name it and I have it". For HAM's it is like Alibaba's Khazanaa.

After that we QSYed to his morning QTH, the designing part of computer lab is done by Cyril himself and I tell u folks it is worth seeing. It has about 70 computers and each and every computer is assembled by him. He learned C++ by going through the books and his latest craze is HTML.His funda of life is, whenever he takes any project he completes it and that too with 100% success. We had eyeball for more than three hours. I was gifted a Matric make Electronic keyer, QSL card and 2 books (ie. The Radio Amateur's Handbook & Low-Band DXing). Finally, he dropped me to Byculla station. Thanks Cyril.


  1. Its ok if the appearance of your blog is not good. The important thing is the topic or the content of your blog.

  2. Nice article, Sai! I think I have met him once during our Ham course.

  3. An inspiration. Thank you for bringing to light Cyril, VU2AY's passion and dedication, to ham radio. Wow!

    Scot KA3DRR


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