Sunday, September 14, 2008

8th Coimbatore Fox Hunt :

Welcome to all to the Cotton city for the Coimbatore Fox Hunt on Sunday the 12th October 2008 at 9.00 A.M. IST at Coimbatore.This is a very good opportunity for the Hams and Swls to participate in the most interesting and enjoyable HAM activity. RADIO SPORT or AMATEUR RADIO DIRECTION FINDING (ARDF). HAMS and SWLs (with good receiver) can participate in this event.

Any number of persons can be included in a team but sorry to say ONLY THREE TROPHIES FOR EACH WINNING TEAM RULES :

1. The Fox Hole will be anywhere within the radius of 30 Kms from the Coimbatore Amateur Radio Club Station.

2. The Fox howl will be a tone 144.100 MHZ in omni direction for one minute duration, first 30 seconds will be with 5 watts followed by 30 seconds with 500 milliwatts.

3. The first howl will be at sharp 9.30am (All India radio time) and thereafter at every five minutes. NO QSO on the Fox's frequency please, it may disqualify the team.

4. At 11.00A.M. you can ask for the clue from the the game controller, who will be available through out the game in the call channel, 145.500 Mhz.AT 11.30A .M. you can ask for the second clue. AT 12.00 noon the game controller will declare the QTH of FOX and the winners. Closing of the game will be announced in 144.100 and 145.500 Mhz.

5. The competitor has to handover his team s ID SLIP to the fox immediately to register after reaching the fox.

6. ROLLING TROPHY will be awarded to the teams leader of the winning team and shields(maximum 3) to the first three winning team members. Certificates will be awarded to all participants.

Briefing about the hunt will be on Saturday the 11th October 2008 at the Cosmopolitan Club.

Lunch minutes notes, kits containing local map, token for the lunch with some gifts will be provided at 8.30am on Sunday 12 th October 2008 at Cosmopolitan Club,Coimbatore.

Registration Fees. Rs 150.00 for a team of three and Rs 100.00 each of each additional hunter. Teams will be registered only under one callsign or name.Please Register early to avoid last minute rush. Registration before 30 th September 2008 is desirable. Important Note. One mobile will have only one team

Registration form can be contacted with.


vu2RTF General ConvenorOrginizing Committee

c/o Coimbatore Amateur Radio Club11,

Parameshwaran lay outP.N.Palyam,

Coimbatore 641 037

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