Monday, September 8, 2008

Coimbatore Amateur Radio club Fox Hunt :

Coimbatore Amateur Radio club is organizing the Radio Sport event AMATEUR RADIO DIRECTION FINDING (ARDF) or FOX HUNT on Sunday, the 12th October 2008 in Coimbatore. This is the 8th such event conducted by our club from inception.

All HAMs and SWLs are eligible to participate in this event. The Fox hole (Amateur Radio Station) will operate anywhere within the radius of 30 KM from the city center. Fox Hunters i.e., other licensed amateur operators will have to locate the FOX with the help of the tone, which the Fox will emanate at regular time intervals. The tone will emanate continuously for one minute at every five-minute interval on 144.100 MHz.

The operator to reach the Fox first is declared as winner of the contest. A Rolling Shield and Shield for the members to the first three winning teams will be awarded.

We have organized this fox hunt on Sunday, the 12th October 2008, for our members and other amateur radio operators. The contest will start at 9.00 am and end by 12.00 noon.

We request the Hams to enroll themselves for the event before 30th Sep 2008.

Thanking you,

Source: (R R Balasundharam VU2RTF) Organizer – VIII VHF Fox Hunt 2008

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