Monday, September 8, 2008

SRT HF contest SSB :

TypeWorld Wide Contest. All stations can be worked Date Third week-end of September. In 2008 it will be the 20th and the 21st of September starting Saturday at 13:00 UTC until Sunday at 13:00 UTC; No time off, stations may work 24 hours.

CategoriesA) Single operator High power (+150 watts) All Band SSBB) Single operator Low Power (150 watts max) All Band SSBC) Multi operator single transmitter High power (+150 watts) All Band SSBD) Multi operator single transmitter Low power (150 watts max) All Band SSBE) SWL.

All operators can use packet cluster
Bands and modes - 10/160 meters (no WARC) SSB
Exchange - Signal report (RS) followed by the CQ zone number
ScoringQSO Points0 points for qso with stations of the same country1 point for qso with stations of another country but in the same continent3 points for qso with stations of another continent Multipliers DXCC entities + WAE and CQ zones are multipliers. Stations can only be counted once for multiplier credit Final Score Final score = total QSO points x total multipliers Miscelaneous Station may be worked once per band.Mode is SSB only, no cross mode contacts.No repeatersMaritime mobile and aeronautical mobile stations do not count for QSO or multiplier credit.Logs-Logs must be sent before the 15th of November to the Log Manager, mailto:francoik8wej@

Logs will be follow IARU standards: date, time (UTC), RS(T) received andRS(T) transmitted.
Duplicate qsos not marked as dupes and removed from the final score will be penalized.
Logs will be submitted using standard Cabrillo format. Most all of the commercial contest logging software supports Cabrillo format. (see softwarebelow)
Log files must be named with your callsign.

E-mail your log with your callsign plus SRT in the subject line (Forexample: IK8WEJ SRT) to the Log Manager: mailto:francoik8wej@

PrizesFirst, second and third place awards for each operator category will be presented at the 6th International DX Convention, Salerno 2009.Penalties-A two QSO penalty will be issued for duplicate QSOs not marked as dupes or for busted calls.

Stations not following the Contest Rules or submitting logs with an excessive dupes and or busted calls will be disqualified for this event and will not be allowed to participate in the event for the following year. All decisions of the contest committee are final.SoftwareLogging for this event can be done by using one of the following contest software programs. Select CQ WW DX SSB as the contest template.CT by K1EA ( Logging ( Ham System ( Super-Duper by EI5DI ( TR Log by N6TR ( Writelog (


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