Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mahabalipuram eyeball meet 2009 :

All are invited for the Great Eyeball meet at Mahabalipuram in this year 2009

EXACT VENUE : Hotel Veeras near Mahabalipuram Bus Stand
TIME : From 08;59 hrs on 14th February 2009 2nd Saturday
FREQUENCY : 144.900Mc/s - Simplex Mode.


M.A.HA.M was started by OM Vittal/Vu2VIT in 2003,in a small scale with the support of INAR/VU2INA,APPAN/VU2MPK and Anna /VU2KBX,in order encourage poor HAMS & School Students to meet other HAMs of our Motherland,without spending much money.MAHAM is organized every year on 2nd Sturday & February.
Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamallapuram) is a 7th Century Port city of South Indian dynasty of the Plaavas,around 60km south from the city of chennai in Tamilnadu.It is believed to have been named after the pallava King Maamalla. It has various historic monuments built largely between the 7TH and the 9th Century, and has been classified as a UNESCO world heritage site.
1. Admission is FREE to all Amateurs & Shortwave Listeners.
2. Seniors,Prominent & successful HAMs are attending this Meet. Their Invaluable experience, Infectio us Enthsiasm and Exemplary Skills will be useful to the participants.
3.At Mahabalipuram there are many Hotels serving delicious cuisines ranging from indian,Orient, Continental dishes.Hence, the organizers are NOT organizing any Food arrangements for the participants. Participants are encouraged to get together with their friends to decide on the food of their choice.
4. Participants are encouraged to bring their HAM materials for SALE or Exchange. A Small fee of Rs 100( one hundred only) will be collected from each seller for organizing appropriate Displays.
5. Those who are going to sell Brand New Products have to contribute Rs 1000 (one thousand only)
6. Om Lalith Diwakar/VU2LB from Bhavnagar is attending this year meet and brings lot of interesting HAM Materials for participants. He is available on Mobile 09427181973 please contact him of your requirement to bring to the meet.
7.Om Appan VU3MPK is intending to sell excellant RF Probes for Rs 100 oonly. These probes shall be useful for any Home Brewer His ll No 044-65254988
8. Om Sunder VU2VSD is selling High Quality (PIC) frequency counters and Band pass filters to avoid TVI.
9. Vu2ARA om Arasu coming with SMPS Power supply 13.8v / 10A Mobile : 094429 07669
10. VU3STJ om Radha wants to sell Valve Linear consisting EL84, 807 2 Nos, VR150 -3Nos suitable for RM96 XCVR assembled by VU2SV Mobile no. 097910 34652
11. Room accomodation for night stay Please contact OM INAR VU2INA 09440 83804
12. For further information please contact OM Vittal VU2VIT 044-22240820 & Om Radha VU3STJ - 097910 34652
Those who wants to sell /Buy any Material please send to OM Anna vu2KBX by 31 st January 2009. It Is a great opportunity for Chennai Hams to meet their Ham friends as it is very near to them.
Let us all wish the Great success for this event year after year

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