Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Indian Amateur Radio Database :

Its great pleasure to announce the QRZ.CO.IN website with Indian Amateur Radio Database, News, Discussion Board. The objective is to maintain Indian Amateur Radio Database upto date with as much information as possible including personal details like Landline Number, Mobile Number,Date of Birth, Marriage Date would be useful to wish the fellow Hams personally.

All the Indian Amateur Radio Callsigns issued before 2005 are listed by default as Registered Members in www.qrz.co.in Website. Registered Members can submit their request for Password along with few information.

License Number:
Date of Issue:
Date of Expiry:

Landline Number:
Mobile Number:
E-Mail Address:

Callsigns who are not listed in www.qrz.co.in and validate their callsign.

However upto date data will be updated as soon as possible. (Please note the Callsigns which are expired / Silent Key Call Signs are removed from the Database)

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