Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weather satellite decoding :

My dear friend VU2IIA, OM Mahesh is a die hard home brewer and during monsoon season he is most wanted person. Ask me why? the answer is he decodes weather satellite images directly from NOAA. These satellite images are produced using NOAA APT home brew receiver and WXtoImg software, using complete home made automated system and uploaded to his website which will update automatically every 3-4 hrs, completely unattended that is the beauty of it.

For you all readers I am posting one of the latest images which was decoded on 15/07/2009 at 05.23 PM IST, NOAA 15, Northbound, Elev.62W.

(click on the image to see actual)

To know more about it visit his homepage


  1. waaa w wery nice to see ur blog this is the 1st time i am mesg ing realy very good bolg
    heartly wishes to you

  2. Bravo is the write word for vu2iia.


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