Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emergency feature on the Yaesu FT-60R :

Thanks to internet we do have many forums, egroup etc which helps us to update our knowledge in latest technology in amateur radio. I being a member of FT-60 yahoo egroup came through and interesting email which I would like to share with you all. I found it worth reading.

After testing the Emergency feature of the FT-60R, I created the following for your enjoyment. Please... enjoy.

From the manual: "Use this feature if you are out on a walk and want a quick way of alerting a family member to a dangerous situation. The alarm sound may discourage an attacker and allow you to escape."

Mr. Ham: "It's a lovely day for a walk."

Attacker: "I'm going to attack you."

Mr. Ham: "Wait right there, Mr. Attacker while I unlock my FT-60R keypad, place it in VFO mode, set the volume to maximum, and hold down the Emergency key shortcut for 2 seconds."

FT-60R: *blink, blink, blink* *beep, beep, beep*

Mr. Ham: "Ah ha! Now Mr. Attacker, my blinking LCD display and DTMF keypad will blind you while the beeping sound will disorient you."

Attacker: "Oh no!"

Mr. Ham: "In 60 seconds, my FT-60R will also send SOS DE CALLSIGN via MCW on the UHF calling frequency and any amateur radio operator within 1/2 mile who both knows the frequency of and is monitoring the UHF calling frequency will hear *beep, beep* on his radio too. He will then return home and either retrieve his UHF direction finding go-kit or improvise some from the ARRL Handbook. When he returns and locates my position, he will then call the authorities and inform them of my situation."

Attacker: "I am discouraged. "

Courtesy : FT-60 Yahooegroup by OM Nick

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