Monday, August 10, 2009

Met a HAM friend from Romania :

Met OM Florian, YO9GJX from Romania, Campina on GTALK very interesting fellow, he works satellites. As I wanted to know how to work satellites he guided me step by step. He gave me a link which is a must for any layman

We had a long chat on internet and the best part is that we both being hams have never worked on radio with each other hi hi. He was inspired by a very good friend SW1JGW. Infact his website is also interesting

As I use windows as operating system he guided me to use Orbitron to track the satellites and told me to try it with AO51.

His working condition for satellites are:
linux debian machine
For RX 6el yagi for 435.300
A Jingtong handy
For TX DR135 with two antennas
Jpole and a Turnstill connected with a 2m splitter

He is a member at GACW cw club for a long time.

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