Monday, August 3, 2009

Hams go to the Moon everyday :

If you ever wanted to try to 'go to the moon' and back there are Hams doing this everyday bouncing signals off the moons surface and back to earth or Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) communications:

It use to be that only the very big stations with lots of money and multiple large arrays could be into this but thanks to those larger EME stations and to a new software (WSJT) there are stations working EME with as little as 50w and smaller single Yagi's...... .

Do you have a multimode 2 meter or 6 meter rig, a PC (to download WSJT program) and a smaller 2 or 6 meter yagi and at least 50w to 100w you just might get addicted to EME (of course you will be using or contacting those larger EME stations that can hear your signal and you hear theirs).

Here is some more information for those interested but there are hundreds of Hams trying this and making contacts using EME...don't think it can't be you or that you can't join in!

If you have a directional antenna, a 2m SSB transceiver with 50 W output and a PC?

Step by step guide to EME :

Home pages of some EME operators :

EME Skeds below :

Courtesy : Ham Radio Help Group


  1. If moonbounce is a little too involved, you can always work the FM satellites (AO-51, SO-50, and more) with equipment most of you already have! Tutorial at ...

  2. Thanks for that QSP dear Clint. Will surely visit your webpage.....73 Good Luck.


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