Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recce of repeater at Doddabetta :

OM Ibrahim, VU3IRH will be putting up a repeater at Doddabetta near Ooty will be on as planned, and the station will be on between 0730 and 12.00 hours on Sunday 2nd August 2009. OM Ananth, VU3GPF, President Anamalai Amateur Radio Club and his team will be reaching Ooty on Saturday evening to ensure the station is ready by Sunday morning.

The 10W simplex station will be on 145.000. The team is also trying out a home-brew repeater putting out 1 watt on frequency 145.000 +600 KHz. The antennas used are omni double-stacked 5/8 collinear. The team consists of VU3IRH, VU2NJX, VU3UKK, VU2TPP, VU3GPF and others, operators using their own callsigns for contacts.

When it will be installed, this would be the highest repeater in India.

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