Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homebrewed Handy Stand By VU2PJN :

Homebrewing has never been cup of tea for me, I just know to press the PTT and be on air hi hi. But thanks to this wonderful hobby most of the friends whom I am in contact with are all good homebrewers and one of them is VU2PJN, OM Prakash. In-fact OM Prakash is so net in his work that what ever he homebrews its almost as good as commercial.

Coming to the point, after getting my tickets I was using a dual bander handy Yaesu FT60 with an external 5/8 lambda. Basically I am a rag-chewer, after local net we do our rag-chewing for at least one hour. Using a handy and doing rag-chewing is bit difficult and painful because pressing the PTT your thumb gets swollen. One fine day I got a lima lima from one of my school friend from HongKong, usually he comes to India twice a year. He asked me if I want anything from HongKong, So I ordered a compatible speaker microphone for my handy MH-34 B4B from Yaesu. I got the same in one week after the lima lima, now I was bit comfortable in doing rag-chew.

I do internet surfing a lot on amateur radio, one day I came across a handy stand and my purpose was solved. This was the thing which I would certainly like to have it, the main idea behind it was the handy stand will act like a base station as I was having speaker microphone with me. Immediately I emailed the link to OM Prakash . It was so kind of him that he homebrewed it in two days time. Gone are the painful days now hi hi.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank OM Prakash for his excellent workmanship which I would like to share with you all with handy stands photos.


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