Monday, March 8, 2010

VU2JRT's Experience With 2 Meters :

Imagine how long 2 meters signals can be heard? 40 to 50 kms or up-to 300 kms? But VU2JRT, OM Jagdish from Surat is receiving Gandhinagar repeater signal 340 to 350 days in a year which is 300 kms.

This has been possible with his home-brewed 5 Element cubical quad antenna. He has installed his cubical quad antenna with his practical experience, the antenna is 8-10 degree upwards to the sky and as a result whole the year he gets Gandhinagar repeater signals even in worst condition. Previously he had QSO with A41KW at Masirah Islands a DX on 25th October, 1996 at around 7.14 am. It was his dream experience on 2 meters which came true. In-fact he has highlighted this QSO in his log book too, no doubt that QSO was due to the extraordinary band conditions he claims.

Sometimes he triggers Mumbai repeater too and of course Matheran repeater with ease with just 7 watts almost crystal clear audio. He got his II grade license in November 1990 with callsign VU3JRT and then upgraded his license with I grade with callsign VU2JRT in March 1992. And finally advance grade with the same call in June 2000.

He strongly believes that for a good design of any antenna one must have a SWR/PWR meter. He has constructed many different types of antennas like J-Pole, Super J-Pole, Slim Jim, 5/8 lambda, Mobile mini and fold-able ground plane, strip Antenna, Cubical Quad and others. By experience he also found that all the connectors and antenna elements should be in stainless steel which is more favourable for all climates.

Courtesy : GIAR Hamfest souvenir 2007

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