Monday, February 27, 2012

Bet Dwarka Dxpedition AS-175 :

The island of Bet Dwarka (Bet Shankhodhar) will be activated in the period 16th-23th March 2012.

This island falls under the Iota Gujarat state west group - No.: AS-175 and has never been activated before. Bet Dwarka Island, also known as Bet Shankhodhar, is situated in the Gulf of Kutch. The island has a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Early historic settlement remains have been located on the island which may be dated back to 3rd century BC on the basis of a potsherd inscribed with 'Nandakasa' in the Mauryan Brahmi script.

A special call sign "AT2DW" has been allotted by the WPC.

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  1. Very nice.Will be great if is possible to activate during IOTA contest.


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