Thursday, March 22, 2012

News From AT2DW IOTA AS-175 :

The AT2DW team on Bet Shankhodhar Island (IOTA AS-175) has over 4000 QSOs and should have their amp running by now. The amp could not be used earlier due to school children camping close to the vertical antennas who have now departed and the team did not want to risk any accident. The amp will hopefully help them to work the more distant areas especially NA. They will be actively looking for more QSOs to NA and SA when openings are noted to give this new one to IOTA chasers there.

The team has been active on all bands 80m through 10m and logs are being uploaded to Club Log whenever a reliable Internet connection is available. See for the searchable log, statistics and other log information.

The expedition website is at 

Courtesy : OM Prasad VU2PTT, W2PTT (ex-AF6DV)

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